Anthony Fabricatore, Ph.D.

Vice President of Research & Development at Nutrisystem
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Nutrisystem is proud to be supporting the Obesity Society’s “Take Obesity Seriously” initiative

Nutrisystem is proud to be supporting the Obesity Society’s “Take Obesity Seriously” initiative. Please see below for more information on this important campaign. Thank you! Anthony __________________________________________________________________________ New “Treat Obesity Seriously” Effort Encourages Treatment of Obesity as a Serious Health … Continue reading

Vicious Cycle? Fortunately, Not Really.

There’s a term that weight loss scientists use to describe the frustrating pattern of losing weight, gaining it back, losing it, gaining it back, and so on.  We call it “weight cycling.”  You probably know this cycle by its more … Continue reading

Expect The Unexpected

Let’s do a little imagination exercise. “Imagine that you’ve reached the end of your weight loss journey.  You’ve worked hard on losing weight and achieved the weight loss goal that you set for yourself at the start of your effort.  … Continue reading

What Can Baseball Tell Us About The Process Of Weight Control

According to the great Yogi Berra, “Baseball is 90% mental. The other half is physical.” Like most people, my initial reaction when I first heard this quote was along the lines of a chuckle and a head shake.  Berra was … Continue reading

The Importance of Being Active

On the surface, the role of exercise in a weight loss program seems clear: exercise burns calories, which helps you lose more weight.  It’s true that physical activity – whether we’re talking about walking from one side of a room … Continue reading

Enjoy The Big Game Without A Big Gain

Two weeks of hype.  Three hour pregame shows.  Big name acts performing mini concerts at halftime. The Super Bowl is all about excess. If you’re watching the game (or even just the $3 million dollar 30-second commercials), you’re probably doing … Continue reading

Weight Loss And The Family

A few years ago, a research study made headlines by showing that weight gain may be contagious.1  Having friends and family members who are obese increases the likelihood that you will become obese, too.  When you consider the role of … Continue reading