Mary Gregg, R.D.

Director of Nutrition and Dietary Services at Nutrisystem
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Fitting Superfoods into your Nutrisystem® Meal Plan

There’s a lot of talk these days about Superfoods, those foods that are attributed with having an abundance of nutrients that promote good health.  Most any brightly colored fruit or vegetable could be given this title, but also garlic, nuts, … Continue reading

The Diabetes-Depression Connection

As a Nutrisystem Certified Diabetes Educator, Helene Micahnik, R.D., assists our customers in getting started on the Nutrisystem® D® Program.  Helene discussed with me a particular concern for some people with diabetes.  Her advice is valuable not only for those … Continue reading

Understanding Weight Loss Plateaus

essay writing worksheets essay writing worksheets Has it ever happened to you?? A plateau, defined as a weight loss standstill for several weeks, can unfortunately occur even on the best planned weight loss program and bring about a sense of … Continue reading

Weight Loss and Type 2 Diabetes: What’s the Connection?

Mary Gregg, RD, Director of Nutrition and Dietary Services at Nutrisystem, had the opportunity to interview dietitian and diabetes expert Hope Warshaw about the significance of weight loss for people with pre-diabetes and type 2 diabetes. Hope Warshaw, MMSc, RD, … Continue reading

What Can We Learn from the Japanese?

It seems that on a fairly buy levitra online regular basis another study comes out reporting about the increasing prevalence of obesity in the world. The latest is from The Lancet, published in August, which reports that obesity rates have … Continue reading

Tracking the Non-Scale Victories

The rewards that come with weight loss are numerous, with just one of them being a lower number on the scale. Many Nutrisystem members cheerfully report to our Counselors and on our Discussion Boards what we call Non-Scale Victories (NSV). … Continue reading

Breaking the Fast Food Habit

 I happened to review the meal plan recently with a new member and was intrigued when he stated that he was still going to fast food restaurants three times a day to supplement the Nutrisystem entrees.  He made separate trips … Continue reading

Back To You!

The approaching fall season means a return to a more “normal’ schedule for many households, with vacations ending and children and teens returning back to school.  This transition can result in plenty of shopping, chauffeuring, school functions and homework assistance … Continue reading

Sodium: Looking Beyond The Salt Shaker

The 2010 update of the government’s Dietary Guidelines for Americans was released early this year, as revisions to DGA take place every 5 years.  Getting the most attention – the recommendation for sodium.  For the general population, the guideline remains … Continue reading

To drink or not to drink?

That is the question that comes up often from new members either on our Discussion Boards or cialis price with our Counseling Department.  “Can I have a drink while on the Nutrisystem program?”    essay help A few members have … Continue reading