On The Road with Nutrisystem

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We know that traveling while trying to get healthy and lose weight can be daunting, but have no fear, we have some great tips to help you stay on track and to be able to fully enjoy your vacation!

Tips for Traveling and Staying On Track:

  • 1.) Bring your Nutrisystem collateral with you – i.e. meal planner and on the go meal planner/dining out guide etc.
  • 2.) Sit down prior to vacation to choose restaurants to eat out at that have a variety of foods to choose from and that give you healthy options. Just be honest with your family/travel buddies. Even though you are excited about the trip and can’t wait, you still want to stay on track.
  • 3.) Be sure to review the dining out guide and what’s a good meal choice when eating out.
  • 4.) When dining out, remember that it’s okay to order the food cooked the way you want (i.e. salads with certain things not on the salad or on the side, steamed veggies (no oil) etc., grilled not fried etc). It’s okay to even let them know you have food restrictions and they will be sure to accommodate you as best as they can.
  • 5.) Bring Nutrisystem with you — the pantry ready muffins, bars, snacks/desserts etc.  Even though you won’t be 100% on Nutrisystem, if you bring the items that can be packed, it will help you stay on track and not be as anxious. Convenience is one of the best aspects about the program!
  • 6.) When eating out, if the portion size is too big (portion sizes should be no more than 6 – 8 oz – about the size of your palm) immediately ask for a to-go box and put half in the box before eating. That way you don’t overeat and have leftovers for lunch the next day.
  • 7.) Share items with your family/travel buddies…like dessert. I always do this with my husband and that way you get a little taste without overindulging.
  • 8.) Try to always go for salads as an appetizer. This will help you to get all your nutrients in and help keep you feeling full longer.  Get dressing  on the side so that you can control the amount and try your best to avoid creamy dressings, which tend to be high in fat and calories.
  • 9.) When I go away, I try to be active as much as I can – try to participate in activities where you walk around and keep busy.
  • 10.) Drink water with all your meals – with a nice slice of lemon or lime :)
  • 11.) If you have any questions while you are away, you can always reach out to our registered dietitians by phone at: 1-800-585-5483, ext 1341.

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