Taking Your Diet On Vacation

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Warm weather is here and it’s the perfect time to pack your bags for that well deserved vacation! There’s just one lingering concern – the 20 pounds you’ve lost since January that are anxiously waiting to reclaim real estate on your butt and thig

hs in the form of Mega Margarita’s, resort dinners and hours of sedentary time on a beach towel. In fact, it’s been reported that the average weight gain on a weeklong cruise is 8 pounds! Fear not – below, Meredith Bandy (our Public Relations Manager here at Nutrisystem) and I have teamed up to arm you with tips to help you stay faithful to your weight loss goals while enjoying some well earned R&R:

Take some baggage with you – In the form of convenient, ready-to-go Nutrisystem® foods. Over 50% of Nutrisystem foods require no preparation at all. The best candidates come from the breakfast and snack categories. Pair a breakfast muffin, bar or scone with an egg and some fruit, both easily found at a hotel breakfast bar, and you’ve got a perfectly “on program” start to the day. Reach for some buffalo wing pretzel viagra usa sticks instead of ordering French fries as an afternoon snack and save cash as well as calories.

*Meredith’s Tip*: Bring your “on the go” meal planner to keep in your purse so you can make on- the- fly menu choices that meet program requirements

More tips on the best Nutrisystem foods to take on the road as well as advice on some other convenient products that can sub in for grocery food additions on the go (like cans of V8 for your vegetable servings) can be found in community posts like this one: Diet+Vacation

Let your plate be your guide. Vacation is a time to experience new foods, try new restaurants and learn the tastes of new cultures. Mary’s recent blog, Restaurant Strategies, provides great advice on making smart decisions when dining out. Additionally, the Nutrisystem Dining Out Guide is chock full of healthy ideas for all types of dining out scenarios. A helpful member tip when dealing with vacation buffets: Fill up half of your plate with vegetables, and then fill the remaining half with one serving each of a whole grain and a lean protein. Can’t resist a decadent cream sauce or dessert? Split it with your husband, wife, surfing instructor…

*Meredith’s Tip*: be familiar with portion sizes – the proper portion of meat should fit in the palm of your hand. If it helps, have the waiter bring you a doggy bag so you can put the extra away where it won’t tempt you. If you have a refrigerator in your room, this means leftovers for later! Also, many restaurants will accommodate half portion requests

Sip wisely. Included among the list of regrets attributed to over-imbibing is excess calorie intake. Limit your intake of oversized sugary alcoholic drinks – a 12 ounce frozen margarita weighs in around 540 calories. Make alcoholic drinks with low calorie refreshments like unsweetened iced teas, diet sodas and flavored waters. When choosing alcoholic beverages, typically light beers and wines will be your best bets calorie-wise.

*Meredith’s Tip*: Try to curb your drinking at meal times by ordering a refreshing glass of water with lemon or lime each time you order an alcoholic drink – this way you’re less likely to try to quench your thirst with high calorie beverages!

Indulge your sense of adventure. Most vacation spots offer great activities and excursions that will help you stay active while you’re away from your normal exercise routine. Take a walking tour, hike a waterfall or learn to water ski and really experience the area you’re visiting!

*Meredith’s Tip*: It doesn’t have to be expensive to stay active on vacation. Lace up your walking shoes and take in the scenery with a morning walk on the beach!

Now that that’s out of the way – relax, enjoy and bon voyage!
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